Real Madrid mark is quite good

  • In this season, Real Madrid’s mark is quite good. At present in Primera División de Espa?a, Real Madrid not only 3 points ahead of Barcelona,but 1 match less.In the UEFA Champions fifa 18 ps coins League,Real Madrid entered the finals 8,it’s quite mark for Zidane,and he has won the president Florentino’s full credibility. Not long ago, Zidane was asked for several times about the future by reporters,he didn’t give a certain attitude and expressed “I haven’t do any prepare for next season.”

    But actually,Zidane may lead Real Madrid to create new record. Cause’ since 1958,Real Madrid has never won the champions of LFP and UEFA in the single season, but now thing may be broken.

    Zidane and Real Madird contract expires in the summer of 2018.Even has won the president credibility, Zidane has not yet decided whether to renew the contract.Because He knows that everything will be changed in football world,if he cannot do well ,it’ s impossible to keeping teaching in Real Madrid.

    In fact recent fifa 18 ps3 coins Real Madrid coaches, including Ancelotti and Benitez didn’t get renewals either.Only Mourinho renewed to 2016 with Real Marird,but at the end of 2012-13 season, he had been fired.BY here now... more fifa 18 coins from us, so thanks!