Players With the Highest Shot Power on fifa 18

  • Players With the Highest Shot Power on fifa 18
    You will find few things which gratify a footballer as much as watching the world wide web bulge after unleashing a shot of tremendous ability which threatens to finally break its resistance and tear it fifa 18 coins apart.

    Theo Walcott memorably achieved this feat against Blackburn this season for Arsenal. While circumstances of a shot disregarding the net are hard to find, there are some players who threaten to do this on a regular basis. Stars like Bautizado Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic own rasping shots which keepers would be in two minds to try and save. The Swede's shot almost broke the hand of Burnley goalkeeper Tom Heaton earlier this year.

    A full blooded Ibrahimovic shot on fut 18 coins will indeed look powerful enough to break a goalkeeper's arm in reality although Zlatan's shot power is pretty evident in the game, additionally, there are other footballers who can really make a ball travel. Buy more fifa 18 coin from playerhot now... well done!