The brand's new facility is not only incredibly efficient

  • "The factory is setting up new standards while in the jewelry industry with regards to scale and speed. It combines impressive lean-oriented production principles with high-quality needlework, " Minna Philipson, SVP along with CMO from the Pandora Team, told ELLE. "Every piece of Pandora rings passes as a result of skilled craftspeople hands' while it's converted from diet material–14k yellow metal, sterling silver, stones, cultured pearls, Murano glass and enamel–to cheap pandora charms a done piece.


    It's component to pandora safety chains our DNA, and we're like to show off it. " With the company's founding from the '80s, Pandora's aim has been to produce jewelry that a woman can acquire for herself to enjoy accomplishments plus major events: the quality would need to allow regarding near-constant wear, yet prices can not be paycheck-ruining. "Pandora's mission have been to observe women by way of offering them the means for private expression as a result of high-quality, modern-day jewelry at pandora gold rings affordable prices, " Philipson reported. The brand's new facility is not only incredibly efficient (LEED-certified and also consuming 1 OUT OF 3 percent much less water than conventional jewelry-making centres, FYI), it as well organizes production can certainly say that lets prices to not sky catapult. "We own an entire process. 


    We control all of the steps via design and also raw stuff procurement for you to production and distribution. We realize where some of our jewelry emanates from and how it can be made allowing it to ensure that every piece is designed, crafted, and distributed as outlined by pandora promise rings our premium and honest standards. ".