PTFE sheet company fabrics used for belting

  • Aerospace - In this application, Expanded PTFE Gasket ethylene propylene blur helps assure molds during the abating process.

    Application #3 for FEP Film/Cable: Labware and Tubing - The awful acerb actinic processes that about action in the lab can do a bulk on bogus labware and tubing. FEP provides accomplished attrition adjoin such attacks.

    Application #4 for FEP Film/Cable: Industrial Top Temperature Applications (e.g., bottle plants, boiler locations, actinic processing plants, areas abutting to beef lines) - If assorted aqueduct cables are cloistral and jacketed with fluorinated ethylene propylene, attrition to chafe and automated corruption alcove a maximum. Damp and aqueous accident is aswell mitigated.

    Dupont, the architect of FEP, aswell lists these applications for the product:

    Wire and cable insulation, baby tubing and bang molded parts

    Extruded or moulded apparatus for the actinic industry; jackets for wire and cable applications ambitious a top amount of accent able resistance

    Fabric and blur coating; calefaction sealable top coatings for PTFE sheet company fabrics used for belting, ambit boards or electrical insulation, casting blur and as hot baker adhering for bonding molded PTFE or FEP