Wholesale Sexy Underwear And Swimwear

  • In addition to providing clothes, Wholesale Sexy Underwear, the closet offers for a career with advice for students about how they can best present themselves to potential employers and information about other resources on campus to prepare for the career world.

    Alicia Robinson, the assistant director of the Women’s Center, said the KSU Career Closet is collecting clothing such as suits, blazers, shirts, blouses, skirts, scarves, pants and ties.

    The project also needs hangers, the racks of clothing, storage of items and gift cards or donations to help pay for laundering. In honor of the Month of Women’s History, the KSU Career Closet will have a major clothing donation which drives on March 20-24. the times of drop-off and locations will be available at the Month.

    “We are also trying to promote the career closet on campus by making sure students feel comfortable to come in and pick out what they want,” Robinson said. “By next semester, we hope to raise awareness with pop-up stores to bring the clothing to students in their normal environment for a one-on-one connection and to remove any stigma. We can set up pop-up shops at the Multicultural Center or LGBTQ Student Center, wherever students gather and feel comfortable.”

    Robinson, an alumna of the School of Fashion Design and Merchandising, said she has “big dreams” for the career closet. She hopes to involve students at the fashion school so they can get involved and gain valuable experience.

    “There are several ways they can help,” she said. “They can handle alterations, displays of design  or organize fashion shows for the project.”

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