this year’s Oscars

  • For this year’s Oscars, we’re taking a closer look at some of the craftspeople nominated for the year’s best films—from the artist of makeup who re-created the golden age of Hollywood for the Coen Brothers to the man who redefined a pop-culture icon. Check every day, and have a look to find for another close-up look this week at 2017’s Oscar nominees.

    The movie musical La La Land by Damien Chazelle is not only an homage to Los Angeles but a Valentine to films of the throwback,  just like The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, West Side Stor, and Sweet Charity, The Young Girls of Rochefort Singing in the Rain. So when designing Sexy angel Costume  for the film’s stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, Mary Zophres knew that would a perfect sense to pay tribute to their movie-star ancestors. 

    the Internet searches led The costume designer’s  to a rarely seen in camera test which captured during Bergman’s early days in Hollywood—then he used  Mia’s own early actress looks as one of inspiration.

    who is nominated for a Wholesale Sexy Underwear  design Oscar.obviously a start point for Stone’s character, Mia, who was Ingrid Bergman who hangs on the bedroom wall by a post. “There was a camera test in Ingrid Bergman when she first came to this country,” explained Sophie's, “There was a resistance about casting for her, because of her accent, and her name was hard to say. Of course, Emma looked at the video and then looked at the acting. and I look at what she’s wearing—a pink halter dress that was really simple but just beautiful.”