the start of the illusion

  • Effie (Erica Becker) starts singing “I Am Changing” who wearing Suit Underwear  and a caftan but finally finish singing it – without missing a beat – wearing a beautiful evening gown. That change is so quickly, which didn’t require her to move or hide behind anything off stage, “It was a collaboration for me between Erica and the lighting designer,” Hall said. “We wanted it to be seamless.”

    Becker simply removed the caftan, which was held by Velcro, and untucked the Long Gown Dress  from the waistband of her jeans, so it would fall to the floor, and then covering the jeans.what the trick was in the middle of the song, lights went down and the spotlight kept getting smaller and smaller until the audience was focused only on her face during an emotional moment of the song. The costumes are just the start of the illusion, he said.

    “There’s a huge group of people who have support with wigs, false eyelashes, makeup, and jewelry. For the people that are so quickly-changing – these girls change clothes so much – there are one or two people helping them to get dressed.”

    Costumes twetw  are catered not only to the characters but to the actresses portraying them as well, he said.what is his first time with a feeling of illusion.Hall said, “we are finding a  way to make Costumes, in that equity of something which can be  just the start of the illusion, it look very costumey.”