Zurlaine has been sitting in the game

  • Zurlaine has been sitting in the game during the game, almost can not stand for  Madden Coins a long time, which is why the ram each kick-off time is very short and there are some fourth gear choose to play strong reason.


    In yesterday's career bowl list announced, Zulian was undoubtedly elected to the League of Nations kicker, which is his first career win this award, and now he has got through shooting 158 points, from the Philadelphia Eagles in 2011 Players David - Aikesi 166 points record is only a step away. This season Zulian's foot is very steady, 14 free-kick 40 free kick more than 50 goals in 7, 6,46 additional points try to hit 44 times.


    Earlier this week, the Rams experimented with a large number of players in training camp. Travis-Koons, who had just been swept away by lightning, also tried his luck and eventually the team took a fancy to former Pennsylvania State University Players Sam - Fifi.