Marca at the end of the article pointed out

  •  "Marca" at the end of the article pointed out that even if Real Madrid failed to FIFA Coins beat Barcelona in the National Derby on December 23, they do not need to greet Christmas and New Year with a sad mood, because Zinedine Zidane's team can put More attention on the Champions League, since Real Madrid has never achieved any other team to achieve the crown of the Champions League, then why can not expect the Champions League three-time it.


    In 2005, only 19-year-old Ramos to Real Madrid 27 million euros worth, when he and Zinedine Zidane became teammates, and now Zidane is Real coach. December 2006, Marcelo 6 million euros worth joining Real Madrid. Today, "Aspen" reporter interviewed Marcelo, Real left back recalled: "At that time we are still young, but the game experience is already very rich."


    The two Real Madrid core players have undergone Barcelona "Dream II team" to Barcelona "Dream Team" to suppress, to defeat "Dream 3", and now defending the Champions League and the World Club Cup. During the Real Madrid coach changed his position, they served as Fabio Capello, Schuster, Mourinho, Ancelotti and the current coach Zinedine Zidane.