For the last three years of Formula One

  • Alonso, who also has two world champions in hand, said today that Hamilton is one of FM7 Credits the best riders in Formula One history: "Lewis (Hamilton) is undoubtedly one of the greatest riders in our sport and has been showing This is not a very good car for the 2009 season, but he has won a lot of games, which is proof of his strength. "


    "For the last three years of Formula One, Mercedes has always had the most dominant car so it's a bit too easy for them to win, but Hamilton has deserved the success he now has because he has demonstrated himself many times "Fernando continued:" When he competed with Rosberg, he showed his style as a top driver, and last year Rosberg might have won the championship, but Botas lacked some competition this year Force, Hamilton's victory is well deserved. "


    2017 F1 World Grand Prix today qualifying competition. Botas of Mercedes Team overtook Vettel at the last minute and scored the pole position of the race. Vettel finished second behind 0.038 seconds, followed by Raikkonen, Vestaban and Ricardo; Hamilton in the beginning of Q1 accident hit the parapet, the car was severely damaged unfortunately regret.