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  • Why can't men ever buy the right present? Underwear,  perfume and vacuum cleaners top the list of gifts men get wrong As we head into the festive period, so comes the conundrum of what gift to get your loved one.But according to a new survey Oktoberfest Costume released today, no matter how hard they try, when it comes to buying presents, men never get it right.

    Topping the list of gifts that men get wrong is underwear. swimwear manufacturer Research found that men fell foul of their other half by buying lingerie which is the wrong size or colour.

    John Starr for gift card and voucher week, who commissioned the study of 2,000 men and women, said: 'Buying presents for women is clearly a minefield, and men have little chance of getting it right every single time.'

    One in six couples admitted to having an argument over a poor choice of present, with one in 20 actually splitting up over the gift.

    While 49 per cent of women put these errors down to their dislike of shopping, a fifth said that their partner simply doesn't know what they like - resulting in over a third of women admitting that they now present their partner with a list to avoid costly mistakes.

    But it's not just men who fail to make their partner's day at Christmas. Women often get it wrong too with 21 per cent of men admitting they have received clothes they don't like, cheap gadgets and 'sentimental items', such as framed photos and soft toys.

    Third on the list of unwanted presents from women to their nearest and dearest was the man bag while soft toys are another gift men don't want to see in their stockings.