US company promotes surgery for permanent blue eyes

  • A US medical company is promotion a new 2000mw laser surgery for individuals who want to completely change their eye coloration to blue.

    California-primarily based Stroma medical has helped as a minimum 37 patients to alternate their eye coloration from brown to blue with a green laser pointer 1000mw surgical procedure in around 20 seconds, stories Xinhua information company.


    The burning laser pen works to get rid of the brown melanin -- the pigment which dyes hair and dermis -- from the floor of the iris.


    without the brown melanin, when mild in consequence enters and scatters within the stroma, the blue colour looks.


    In an prior interview with CNN, the company's consultant Gregg Homer spoke of the laser is so susceptible that the eyes might not bear injuries from it.


    then again, the clinical trade and ophthalmologists nevertheless raised issues about the irreversibility of the surgery.


    The surgery expenses $5,000.


    although, the new 100mw laser is in medical trials, Stroma clinical referred to.


    past media stories mentioned the brand new know-how is yet to benefit approval from US regulatory our bodies.