Knowing the Origin of Essay Writing

  • When stressed by something, it’s easy to curse the person that came up with the idea about it. When required to complete academic essays, many learners curse the person that came up with the idea of this task. That’s because this task is usually complex and time-consuming. Writing essays on some topics can also be boring. Generally, the challenges that many learners face when completing this task compels them to visit sites like Such website enables students to learn about the origin of this academic task and how it should be completed.


    Basically, essay writing is usually credited to Michel de Montaigne, a renowned French philosopher. But, many students don’t know much about this philosopher. As such, it’s natural for some learners to look for information about Montaigne. Some students also want to know how this literary genre has evolved over the years. And, many online resources provide this information. However, students should be careful because not all blogs and websites share credible information. In fact, some of these sites have inaccurate information that has not been research on properly. That means it can mislead learners if they are not careful. Therefore, students should be cautious when selecting the sites to use during their research.