Uk term paper writing

  • For Uk term paper writing, each chapter or paragraph starts with a "topic-phrase" that describes the author's argument and position. If you use chapters, give them names so they are suited to the structure of the essay and are easy to read. The discussion should follow the exposure of each argument in a well structured way: facts, ideas, opinions of the authorities as well as the personal point of view. Finally, it should be concluded in what way the argument stands up and supports the point of view.


    Conclusions. After all the arguments have been presented and debated, the essay ends and you should be able to present the conclusions. In a well written and organized essay, the arguments are true and together they support and demonstrate your point of view. All you have to do is emphasize this fact and possibly explain what studies that have been done on this topic.


    Another possible, but not mandatory, section, often found in academic essays, is the limitary section. Here, you can write down the limitations of your reasoning, which are the premises from which the essay goes, but if they are false, they may invalidate the conclusions, aspects that have not been analyzed, possible conditions that would limit the impact of your conclusions, etc.


    The size of the essay should respect the rule of +/- 10%, unless otherwise specified. This means that the text should not be 10% or 10% longer than the size required. For example, for a 3,000-word essay, it is acceptable to write 2700-3300 words. You can use the Word Count function in Microsoft Word to see exactly how many words your essay has.


    In some very rare cases, it is very difficult to express your essay idea from a point of view. In this case, it is acceptable to replace your point of view with a research question that should meet the same criteria, except that the author postpones a clear position until the end of the essay. This approach is not recommended, but if necessary, be sure to clearly expose the answer to the research question at the end of the essay. The reason all of these rules are important is that examiners will read hundreds of essays that will try to say the same things. In this context it is in your advantage to make your essay marked by a clear structure and a well-expressed point of view. That's why it's very important to follow these simple rules.

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