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  • 'Everyday women' proudly flaunt wholesale halloween costumes their scars, cellulite, stretchmarks AND hairy armpits in an alternative Valentine's Day lingerie campaign 

    A self-styled 'feminist lingerie company' has released a video urging women to love themselves this Valentine's Day - flaws and all. The one-minute clip is part of a campaign by British company Neon Moon that aims to 'empower women across the world to reclaim their bodies'.

    It stars five models of different shapes, sizes and sexual orientations, aged from 19 to 50, dancing and proudly showing off their bodies in front of the camera - in the brand's colourful, sporty underwear.

    Model Amey, 50, poses in her underwear as part of a campaign encouraging women wholesale babydoll lingerie to celebrate their bodies just as they are. Founder Hayat Rachi said: 'Neon Moon models unapologetically love themselves'

    Model Izzy, 19, and 50-year-old Amey, are clad in orange, while Laura, 23, who identifies as asexual and agender, wears a yellow two-piece. Modelling the dark blue set are founder Hayat Rachi, 26, and Robyn, 21.

    Hayat said: 'Our models all have a strong stance on self-love, whether be related to their sexuality, gender or body image. 'Neon Moon models unapologetically love themselves and are reclaiming what society deems as “flaws” this Valentine’s Day.'