The stage of the "thematic structure" of the dissertation

  • The starting point in this case is the application of the pyramid of the news (articles) from the media (written and audiovisual) to the empirical material considered. This phase will identify the key concepts or key propositions that form the text as a whole and ensure its coherence. You can get dissertation editing help online. For example, the specific questions that a response is sought for are: What makes a text to be kept united as a "narrative" (with a start, content, and end) and what are the specific narrative passages that work between these stages of the narrative and contribute to the sequential development of the narrative as a whole? How does each part of the text of the article contribute - the described events, the quotes used, the expected result, etc. - to its position within the ordered hierarchical progression of the total narrative?

    The stage of the examination of the functioning "speech scheme" - in which the text is organized, is concerned with the identification of the following stages of the discourse. The structure of the discursive scheme is decomposed and the material reordered according to the importance of the invoked sources.