fashion laser pointer in the world

  • Despite writing Techdirt for more than a decade, at this point I still can not predict and what kind of stories will really get a lot of advice, which is not (also by the way, often not, though I have not figured out , Why the relevant has multiple pages to view more comments,). However, some stories have a joint effect, they suddenly began to get a ton of comments, the conversation also applies for quite a long time. Last week, has raised more than 200 comments to put this story. There is an interesting column of the Lee Gomez Wall Street Journal, which shows the thought-provoking post that the blog's comment is like a high end blue laser pointer. This may sound like a slight offense, but the idea is that for many types of people, our brains are just wired too hard to be like her, sometimes suspended in conversations. I do not know that the cat is like a laser pen that is completely established, but it seems that some people just can not comment on the debate turned away (yes, I'm guilty). Personally, (repeat), they also help and frustrating, in these arguments.

    Red Laser Pointer

    The CDRH laser grade of the SLA laser product, including the laser pointer, is limited to IIIa level. CDRH also accepts IEC 60825-1 Class 3R equivalent to CDRH IIIa. These CDRH and IEC 60825-1 laser classes will be equivalent to no more than 5mW of laser power. More than 30mW laser pointer output power can be dangerous and cause potential problems such as temporary visual problems or eye injuries. Therefore, any laser pointer that does not allow radiation at the IIIa / 3R level is allowed to be imported, sold or promoted in the United States.The laser indicator is a measurement, leveling and alignment (SLA) laser product, as specified in the US FDA's Equipment and Radiation Health Center (CDRH) in Section 1040.11 (b).Whenever users make green laser beam presentation in all occasions, it is still necessary to pay close attention to the powerful green laser safety. Setting the light in the transverse mode mode of the beam, the blue laser pointer projects visible light with a round type of blue light spot on the targeted objects.

    Because the most pure 445nm laser pointers luminescence, the most blue laser in the laser projection, stage lighting, biomedical applications and measurement using a high power 200MW green laser pen gives you the best reward for your money. It is an excellent tool for business presentations and meetings. These lights can also work well if you are showing any presentations at educational seminars. In his way of pointing the projection screen, it is commendable, you can win the praise of others.While using these lights, you should not throw anything directly from anybody's eyes, as this may cause some unprecedented flaws.

    These red laser indicators are not only targeted by the fixed projection screen correctly, but also help to clearly highlight the display of the video monitor object as well. While these laser indicators emit green light to help a better way to think about the objects and the use is safe, so do not point directly to their people.

    High-tech laser particle size is held by hand and is often used to project light spots to highlight items, and the laser pointer on hand is the most popular gadgets who also need some worry. Having high power laser pointer safety is a key issue that can not be ignored. Despite their glorious beams and burning ability, high power laser pointer and portable 2W laser pointer are dangerous to your eyes. It is a very long time when the green laser pointer is used as a demonstration tool.