snapping the ball to on a regular basis

  • Justin Falcinelli saw Jay Guillermo at a mutual friend’s wedding a few weeks ago. The former and current Clemson center chatted and hung out just like old times.

    They’re still close friends.

    “Oh, oh yeah. We still text and Snapchat all the time,” Falcinelli said. “ Jay is still part of this.”

    Guillermo might be gone from Clemson’s football program — the two time All ACC center now moving on to other Mitch Hyatt Jersey things now that his collegiate football career has come to a close. But as close pal Falcinelli transitions into one of the most important positions on the field as a regular starter, Guillermo has very much been part of the process aiding Falcinelli in that shift.

    Any time Falcinelli has a question or wants to pick Guillermo’s brain, he knows exactly how to get a hold of Guillermo quickly. And any time Falcinelli reaches out, Guillermo seems happy to advise the redshirt junior.

    All signs indicate Guillermo’s help has made a difference. Falcinelli is transitioning seamlessly.

    “I haven’t even noticed him. It’s beautiful,” coach Dabo Swinney said. “It’s like the long snapper — if you notice him, it ain’t good. Falcinelli has done a good job, and he’s a veteran guy. He’s been around. He’s smart.”

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    Falcinelli opens the season with expectations to be a routine starter for the first time in his career despite this being his fourth year in Clemson’s program. The Maryland native arrived at Clemson in 2013, then immediately redshirted. In 2014, 2015 and 2016, he spent time at both center and guard, accumulating 297 snaps taken through 24 games, primarily as a backup.

    Having already earned his undergraduate degree in management in December, Falcinelli will work on his masters of business administration this season.

    Swinney said he has enjoyed watching Falcinelli’s confidence shift, something that has been obvious from the Tigers first three fall camp practices.

    “It’s just fun to see guys kind of just step into that role and see the change in their demeanor where they just know  ‘Hey, man, I’ve been working for three years as a redshirt junior. Gah, this is my time,’” Swinney said. “Guillermo’s gone and you just know that it’s your time to lead. He’s taken advantage of it. I’m proud of him.”

    While Falcinelli admitted he is not as vocal as someone like Gage Cerevenka — pushing him for the job — it is something he has worked on mastering over time.

    Clemson s quarterback battle is still up in the air, meaning Falcinelli won t know for a while who he might be snapping the ball to on a regular basis, but having played with most of the line before, Falcinelli takes solace in a sense of familiarity.

    Whoever wins the job, he s on board.

    I think they’ve all done a great job. They’re all really talented at quarterback, so it’s just tough competition for them, Falcinelli said. I don t know who will win it . That s up to the coaches. I m just snapping the ball to them.