wholesale swimwear

  • Steamy subway cars and overcrowded wholesale halloween costumes beaches aside, the place it feels most aggressively like summer right now may in fact be on Instagram, where bronzed bodies, blue waters and, yes, inflatable swans have turned my feed (and, I'm guessing, many of yours) into a never-ending pool party, shrunk down to 750 pixels wide.


    Nowhere is this truer than wholesale halloween costumes among the fashion influencer set, for whom the sandy shores of Ibiza and the sprawling backyard of a Hamptons estate are only a brand-sponsored trip away. Naturally, this kind of lifestyle requires an extensive swimwear collection that can hold its own against the scenery  and, increasingly, some are taking matters into their own hands.

    Two years ago, Shea Marie, the 30-year-old wholesale swimwear blogger behind Peace Love Shea, launched her swimwear brand SAME at Miami Swim Week, unveiling a collection of bikinis featuring distinctive triangular stitching, luxe, Italian-made fabrics and price tags that reached north of $300 per suit. Unlike most influencer-fronted lines, SAME was neither the product of a licensing deal nor a collaboration, both of which offer relatively low-risk routes for those with sizable followings to try their hand at design. Instead, Marie invested her own money and, along with a business partner, started the brand from scratch, positioning it firmly in the luxury space, despite the higher profit margins promised by mass lines.

    As "the quintessential California beach swimwear manufacturers blonde," she says, swim was a natural fit for her first foray into launching a brand, although she did consider other options as well  even getting as far as touring leather factories in Italy for a potential handbag line before deciding against the accessories category. "If someone is going to spend a lot of money, they want a bag that people are going to recognize," she reasons.