FanGraphs Live Arizona Now Open To All

  • Three weeks ago, we announced two FanGraphs Live events while our staff was going to be chilling out in Phoenix. You have just 2 days left to purchase tickets for the event in Goodyear, where well be meeting up with the Cleveland Indians front office for a Q&A after which sticking around forLuke Kuechly Jersey the game between the Indians and Mariners. Baseball, nerds, and unlimited food tough combination to conquer.

    However, you are able to no longer purchase tickets to the event on Saturday, March 12th because weve decided to get this to event liberated to attend. Youll get an opportunity to interact with White Sox A sistant Gm Rick Hahn and Mariners AGM Tony Blengino, talk baseball with Ryan Delaire Jersey nearly 20 people in the FanGraphs staff, and bug Jonah Keri to sign your copy of his book, but now, you dont have to pay to go to. Tough to beat this deal.

    The team executives is going to be around from 6:30-7:30, and theres only space for approximately 75 people Charles Johnson Jersey , so Id suggest getting there a couple of minutes early. After the formal Q&A, well perform some more informal talks. If you need to speak with Jonah concerning the book, hell exist (and can even have a copy or two to give away!) with bells on. If you want to talk about OttoNeu or fantasy baseball generally, Niv Shah, Eno Sarris, and many RotoGraphs writers will be hanging out. Hipster clothing? Carson Cistulli will be your man for your conversation. Ill find something to talk about, Im sure. Directions to the venue are available in the preceding link.

    So, whether you Michael Oher Jersey re within the mood to watch baseball on Friday or simply hang out with a lot of folks who love the game on Saturday, weve got options for you. We anticipate seeing you guys in just over a week.