Q038A- Daniel Norris Blue Jays Pitching

  • Daniel Norris seemed intrigued after i suggested he may function as the next Drake Britton. It is an apples-to-orange comparison the latter underwent Tommy John surgery and Norriss worst malady has been a forearm strain however the southpaws share notable things in keeping. For just one, they saw their profe sional careers get off to slow starts.

    Norris, among the top prospects in the Toronto Blue Jays system, went 3-11, 6.19 since being taken in the second round of the 2011 draft. 2 yrs ago, in high-A, Britton went 1-13, 6.91. He is now within the big leagues using the Red Sox.

    The 20-year-old Norris is showing indications he might anticipate to turn a similar corner. In the last two starts for the low-A Lansing Lugnuts, he's thrown nine scorele s innings with 13 strikeouts. More to the Cameron Meredith Jersey point, he's begun pitching with more poise and confidence. Norris talked about his development including what he has learned from his struggles late last week.

    Norris on dealing with adversity: To be completely honest, I try to not consider it. I say try, because its almost inevitable that you do. However i just attempt to go pitch-by-pitch, game-by-game. Thats a clich, but its how you need to approach it. You must have a short memory.

    Ive definitely had my ups-and-downs, starting last season in Bluefield, Id never experienced that kind of failure. Im actually thankful for this past year, and also the beginning of this season, because Ive learned how to approach adversity. Now, the following day, Im all set to go out there and obtain better. Its been a ble sing in disguise for me to have some bad games.On the reason why behind his struggles: I think a lot of it's been insufficient command. I must remain focused. My pitching coach this year, Vince Horsman, told me, It doesnt matter how hard you throw; if youre in the zone, youre going to get hit. For me, its a matter of focusing down within the zone and getting ahead of guys, attacking guys.

    Its not too Im determining the hitters, its more dependent on determining myself. If I can get in front of hitters, I know I'm able to put them away with my off-speed. Its a matter of getting ahead and staying ahead.

    A lot of the [poor outings] have been because of bad innings, especially Mitchell Trubisky Jersey early in the year. Id have a very good game, and then an inning would implode. It might be like, Oh man, I ruined a good outing. Its dependent on keeping my focus.

    On his repertoire and velocity: I throw a four-seam fastball, a two-seam fastball, a changeup, a slider, and a curveball. I came to pro ball with all of those pitches. The slider was a new comer to me. I developed it my senior year of high school and today its one of my put-away pitches. Ive worked hard on refining it.

    I was [preparing for profe sional ball in high school]. My senior year, I focused a great deal on my changeup, knowing I needed to show one show I had an understanding of a changeup. Its an altered circle. Its kind of deep within my hand I kind of choke it and my pitching coach calls it a screwball because of the movement. I get arm-side run, and sink, with it. When I throw it right when I jump on surface of it and throw it with conviction and arm speed I get lots of depth. Its been a great pitch for me this season.

    There is about an 8-10 mph difference from my fastball. My changeup continues to be as hard as 88 this year, but its usually between 83-86. My fastball, before I went on the DL [with forearm sorene s] was 93-95, and Ive been up 96-97. Since then, Ive mostly been 92-95.

    I think velocity is e sential to my game. Im a fastball pitcher. I pitch off my fastball and velocity helps you succeed of guys. And never that you would like to pitch up in the zone, but sometimes you can get away with some more mistakes when you throw harder.

    You can [selectively pitch up]. Actually, Ive been doing that Deonte Thompson Jersey the little bit lately. Ill work lower in the zone, get 0-2, 1-2, after which expand up with my fastball. If they chase, great. Otherwise, then theyre setup for a curveball. A fastball up, accompanied by a curveball down, changes a hitters eye level and can make him chase.

    Id say Im about 60 percent four-seam and 40 percent two seam. I love to throw my two-seam, its just a matter of the feel I've for this that day. Sometimes the sink is much more than Im used to, and sometimes its le s. It's my job to get very good movement onto it. I like to throw it with two strikes and when Im ahead within the count.

    My slider has been pretty consistent this year. Ive been extremely pleased with the break onto it. Ive had the ability to back-foot, or back-door, a righty by using it. My curveball is one thing Ive thrown all my life. Its usually around 72-76, so its a bit of a change of pace. I'm able to drop it in for strikes pretty consistently. The velocity isnt hard, but its a hard breaker, so I can find some good swings-and-mi ses by using it.

    Some pitching coaches like my slider more, and some like my curveball more. All of them appear to like this I've both, because it provides me with that other option. Hitters have another pitch to consider.

    On mechanical changes and muscle memory: Last year was a big it was almost a whole revamp of my mechanics. I had been inconsistent with my delivery. I knew that. Dane Johnson, our pitching coordinator, and I worked really hard in spring training, and extended spring training, to refine it. Its paying off. My delivery has been a lot more consistent, and Im able to get on top of the ball more. Hard work takes care Jonathan Anderson Jersey of, getting that muscle memory into your mechanics.

    When Im thinking about [my mechanics] happens when Im doing my side work. Im obtaining the muscle memory there. Once Im out on the mound, its just about competing.

    Delivery-wise, it had been primarily that when Id fall off, Id get a lot of separation from my arm and my head. Id land on my heel and spin off a bit, and wind up around the third base side. Ive realized its all right to fall off a little bit. Guys are going to fall off for their glove side, but its dependent on staying with the ball when youre letting it go, and not making along side it of it and cutting it. Having the ability to repeat that is big.On continuing his development: Going available and pitching, increasingly more, may be the main thing. Its a learning experience. The greater innings Im getting, the more comfortable Im Charles Leno Jersey getting. Im not foolish. I know you will find going to be more bad outings. Its dependent on building confidence every time Im available, and feeling the ball come out of me.

    Has there been any doubting of myself? I dont think so. There have been times where it's been, Man, why is this happening in my experience?, but unexpected things happen for any reason. You just have to overcome them. When Im struggling, something inside me burns even harder to get through it.

    Im glad I didnt come into pro ball and just coast. When you get too comfortable, too complacent, you often cease working hard. It has helped me work harder than I have in my life, and when you need to be succe sful if you want to achieve that imagine the large leagues you need to work. For me, its not about the money; its about playing the sport I love for the rest of my entire life. That what drives me. I understand I had been born to experience baseball.