Yesterday I read an interesting piece within the Ny Daily News

  • Yesterday I read an interesting piece within the Ny Daily News (via Hardball Talk) about Mets pitching coach Dan Warthens arrange for Johan Santana this year. Some worry the declining velocity on Santanas fastballs could negatively impact his devastating changeup. So Warthen wanted Santana to throw more fastballs, and Jeremy Langford Jersey particularly inside fastballs, the very first time with the lineup so that his changeup works better in subsequent goes through the lineup. Setting aside the i sue of the reason why you may wish to Josh Bellamy Jersey announce Santanas plan to the media I had been interested to see whether Santana is pitching by doing this.

    Here is really Cyril Richardson Jersey a take a look at Santanas pitch breakdown (with percentage of fastballs which are inside indicated) broken up by first time with the order versus subsequent at-bats for before 2010 and in 2010.

    pre-2010 FA (%inside) CH SLfirst time 61.5 (10.4) 27.4 11.1 after that 59.0 (13.9) 30.0 11.02010 FA (%inside) CH SLfirst time 64.2 (12.1) 26.9 8.9 after that 56.5 ( 6.4) 28.4 15.1

    It does look like Santana is throwing more fastballs Matt Forte Jersey the very first time through the lineup when compared with before after which fewer in subsequent at-bats. The interior fastball percentage also shows a trend within the direction indicated, although I dont know how a lot of that is just noise. But rather than the reduced fastballs Paul Lasike Jersey giving rise to more changeups in subsequent turns Zach Miller Jersey through the lineup it appears to me enjoy it is giving rise to more sliders. At this time within the season I don't think we are able to chalk this up change in usage to how he is performing, but it is interesting to note the numbers bear out Warthens stated plan for Santana.

    More usually the question of whether additional fastballs the very first time with the order make off-speed pitches more efficient next time through is Robbie Gould Jersey definitely an interesting one, but as with every problems with pitch sequencing it's a pretty daunting question to addre s.