The Baserunning Blunder In Anaheim

  • First of, to be clear, Im not talking about this blunder (video), where Matt Kemp was picked off by Brian Fuentes within the 9th inning of last nights game between the Dodgers and the Angels Ill cover that one later today. Instead, Im talking about the tandem gaffe between Ru sell Martin and Reed Johnson. On the base hit by Jamey Caroll, Ru sell Martin was trashed at second to end the game before Johnson, starting at second, managed to cro s home plate to score the tying run. Javontee Herndon Jersey Check out the video here.

    Lets diagram this play and check out and obtain an idea of precisely what happened. This is actually the first shot from behind the dish in which we are able to see Reed Johnson. This comes roughly 1.45 seconds after the point of contact. Johnson was off on contact with Greg Ducre Jersey two outs.

    Theres going to be a number of more images here; if youre thinking about tracking this play, follow the jump!

    Heres a birds eye look at the play at this time.

    Johnson (J) has already been nearly halfway to third and it is picking up steam. Martin (M Jahleel Addae Jersey ) is off screen but on his way to second. Carroll (C) is now out of the box. Lets get it a matter of seconds later, at the 3.5 mark.

    This is the last shot in which we can see Johnson from this angle, and it comes right as he is preparing to round third base. Martin is still off screen but approaching second base. Carroll is on its way on first.

    Johnson will score easily hes already at third before Juan Rivera in left field even accumulates the ball (highlighted). When there is a tag for the third out made prior to the runner touches the plate, however, the run Casey Hayward Jersey doesnt count.

    Heres Johnson roughly 6.4 seconds in to the play.

    At this time, Martin must be at second base we cant see him in this shot nor the replay, but based on how quickly the throw is available in, this is the only way I can tell the play unfolding:

    This could be off by a few scale feet or so, however it appears that Johnson was slightly over half way home at this time its since he realizes he must kick it into gear, because the throw is coming in from left field. Lets jump ahead a mere half second, 6.9 seconds elapsed. Heres the final we see of Johnson:

    And a few frames later I have it at 7.2 seconds after contact Martin is out.

    It certainly seems to me that Johnson couldn't have touched home plate prior to the tag was put on Martin. The play at second base King Dunlap Jersey was close, but it looked in my experience as though the tag beat Martin to second. For the sake of Gordon Hill Jersey argument, lets a sume that the play at second was called correctly thats a debate for an additional time and place.

    With Martin expecting a throw home, he was rounding second in the event of an undesirable throw. But advancing to third base could be nearly meaningle s with two outs. Martin required to realize in which the fielders were where the ball was, as the turn he took was completely unnece sary and particularly reckle s if he was unacquainted with the position of the ball.

    Still, it wouldnt matter if Reed Eric Weddle Jersey Johnson had simply ran his hardest the entire way. It took him 3.6 seconds to reach third base. Given that he wasnt at top speed until he was about halfway to 3rd, otherwise farther, scoring in another 3.6 seconds isnt unrealistic. We are able to clearly see within the video that he picks up his speed a bit more than halfway between home and third. It's pretty simple to me Reed Johnson just didnt run it out, and if he had, the Dodgers might still be playing in Anaheim.