2014 Positional Power Rankings- Relief P

  • What will we have here? To have an explanation of this series, please read this introductory post. As noted in that introduction, the data is really a hybrid projection of the ZIPS and Steamer systems with playing time determined through depth charts developed by we of authors. The rankings are based on aggregate projected WAR for every team in a given position. The writer writing this post did not move your team down ten spots in order to make you angry. We dont hate your team. I promise.

    Also, keep in mind that these lists are based on rosters by a week ago, so weekend transactions are not reflected within the rosters below. In some cases, teams have allocated playing time for you to different reserves than the others depth charts show, but because theyre more often than not choosing between near-replacement level players, the differences wont move the needle much if.

    And now, for the final act:

    Your best bullpens in the league, separated by millimeters and sure to appear completely different by the end of the year. The truth is, this is actually the hardest group to project, because bullpens tend to be more fungible than any other position on a roster. Starters who fail to pitch well within the rotation can get gone to live in the bullpen unexpectedly. Guys who look like fringe prospects will start throwing sidearm, destroy the world, and are available up in a couple of months to dominate. The guys who were great last year is going to be le s great this season, and new great guys can come out of nowhere.

    Dont yell in the projections, theyre doing the best they are able to with 60-inning samples. And we did the best we're able to to get the forecasted roles correct, but then Neftali Feliz gets optioned to Triple-A and you never know just how long hell be there? So, yeah, imperfect exercise. Interpret accordingly.

    #1Red SoxNameIPK/9BB/9HR/9BABIPLOB%ERAFIPWARKoji Uehara65. %2.122.362.5Junichi Tazawa65. %3.323.341.2Edward Mujica55. %3.903.930.3Andrew Miller55. %3.403.360.6Burke Badenhop45. %4.003.810.2Craig Breslow40. %3.924.110.1Chris Capuano35.07. Quincy Wilson Jersey % Workman30. % de la Rosa25. %4.834.760.0Drake Britton20. %4.504.500.0Rich Hill15. %3.863.750.0Alex Wilson10. %4.494.440.0The Others26. %4.534.370.0Total486. %3.693.694.9

    All from the split fingers. If you think it is ridiculous how many splitters Koji Uehara dropped on baseball last year, then youll love adding Edward Mujica. He threw more splitters than fastballs. The Red Sox have three from the five relievers that threw the most split fingers, it's worth wondering if theres a chance theyre getting diminishing returns on their own investments within the pitch. I mean, we all know it has the best whiff rates in baseball, and the team probably isnt too concerned if a reliever or two is injured by his best pitch, and can teams gain any advantage whatsoever from the sheer fact of seeing a lot of splitters each time Boston involves town?

    Its probably worth tracking this season, also it might even be historic, but it isnt like the remainder of this bullpen is split fingers. Even Junichi Tazawa includes a more balanced arsenal along with a little more gas than the other two splitter champs. Andrew Miller is a find over the past 2 yrs, maybe mostly because his fastball now sits 95. Against lefties, Miller has good control, excellent strikeout stuff, and gets grounders. That control di sipates against righties, but hes still sufficiently good to avoid being a LOOGY for now. With Craig Breslow and Chris Capuano in reserve, this team has enough lefties for everyone. With Brandon Workman and Rubby En Rosa in reserve, they've upside, too. Its a great pen that may remain great, thinking about the depth of the starting pitching prospects. They cant all be starters long term.